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Falling Lava


February in Yosemite = Horsetail Falls. The setting sun makes the horsetail fall glow bright red, and it looks like lava flowing down the face of El Cap.

To photograph this firefall, you need to have enough snowmelt, clear sky to the west, and a long lens. Also, you need to be able to find a spot amongst the hundreds of people who turns up.

I spent a week in the Yosemite Valley waiting for this. I attempted to shoot the phenomenon twice already. Neither times were good, because there were hardly any snowmelt, so not much water was flowing. I arrived at the location a few hours before sunset to scout out a new spot. Although the whole time I was thinking that with the cloud cover, Horsetail fall probably wouldn’t glow tonight. Sure enough, around sunset, the sun went behind the clouds, and the light faded to zero. Then 10 minutes later, BAM, the waterfall lit up! It was incredible! You can actually feel the vibe and energy come alive as hundreds of people instantly get excited.

The image is pretty much untouched, what an incredible sight to behold.

5D Mark II

70-200mm F/4 @ 200mm


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