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Roof On Fire


While waiting for sunrise one morning, I got talking to other photographers around me like usual. Pretty soon, we were all sharing travel stories. They gave me ideas to a few hikes around where we are, but what really caught my attention was a ruin under a cliff. From their description, it sounded just like an image I saw from an art gallery in Vegas. So after I got back into town, I looked up the location they were talking about, sure enough, it’s the same place I was thinking of, and it’s not far away!

This is called Roof on Fire. With the sun bouncing light off of the valley, the rock formation looks like glowing flames shooting out of the roof. Well worth the hour long hike through snow. We got there early in the morning, but ended up having to park our car on the highway, because the road that leads into the trail head was covered in ice and snow, not to mention it was a bit steep. I had serious doubts about our rental Jetta being able to make it back out… We walked and walked in deep snow along a river. After countless twists and turns, we finally saw it.

The house part of the ruin is really short, maybe 3~4 feet high, but the rock over hang was really dramatic. It really does look like flames dancing. I will have to come back in the summer though, I think the light will be better here in May…

5D Mark II

17-40mm F/4



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