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Secret Cove


After spending a cold week in Yosemite, camping in the snow, I got a shot at photographing the Horsetail Falls turning into a Fire Fall. Feeling satisfied, I packed up camp and headed for the California coast. There was an unfinished business there.

Last time I was at Big Sur, I saw the thickest coastal fog I’ve ever seen. For 3 days, we drove around in thick, misty fog, and only had a fleeting glance at McWay Fall before the fog consumed it.

On the drive down this time, same thing happened. Thick layers of fog were rolling in along the coastal road, sometimes the visibility dropped to about 100 yards. I tried to convince myself that things would get better. After the 3-hour drive, I arrived at McWay Fall to a thick band of coastal fog at the horizon. Doesn’t look like it’ll be a good sunset… I took the time to repack my camping gear for the flight home while waiting. Then walked out to the viewpoint after killing some time.

It must have been the fog, because no one is around.  Then around sunset, the coastal fog magically thinned/retreated itself. The scene revealed itself, and gave me the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen! What a great way to end the trip! Doesn’t this place look like a pirate’s cove too?

5D Mark II

17-40mm F/4

5stop graduated ND filter


J Lee - WOW! I have never visited Big Sur in all my trips to the west coast. Breathtaking!

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