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Zebra In The Desert


Instead of the ever so popular Antelope Canyon, which gets thousands of tourists every day, I decided to avoid the crowds and head to Zebra Canyon. The trailhead is easy to find, and the trail is very obvious. Unfortunately, I still manage to get lost… The well-defined trail ended at a dry riverbank, and from there, the foot prints were all gone. Thank god there is GPS, but I still managed to walk an extra 3 miles while wondering around, getting lost.

I had the whole canyon, no, probably the whole 10 square miles to myself! It was fun climbing up and down and tied to squeeze through the canyon. I ended up leaving my pack at the entrance of the canyon, because I couldn’t fit. In this shot, the canyon walls were so tight, I had to prop the tripod off of the walls and let the whole rig dangle in mid air.

Zebra Canyon got its name for all the stripes in the wall. The height of the canyon also changes all the time by the amount of sands that gets blown in. Best time to shoot is before or after midday, where the light can bounce around the walls, but not shine directly into the canyon.


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