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A Fairytale Experience

This place was every bit as unreal is it looks. The trail to the viewing spot was fairly easy, the tricky part was finding a vantage point for a clean shot. I found a pretty good vantage point, but soon realize that there’s a better spot on the cliff face below me. So I packed up once again and started to climb down. Boy, was that a mistake.

There was a tiny little path, and “path” is stretching it, it’s more like indentations of footprints along the cliff face. As soon as I started the climb on it, I knew it wouldn’t work. With all my gear, I was too unbalanced to easily make the climb. I took a few more steps, grabbed a piece of rock jutting out of the cliff to get balanced, and that’s when it happened. As soon as I put any weight on the rock, it broke away like butter. The rock nearly hit my foot before bouncing off down the cliff. The trail was really slippery and muddy due to the rain, had it knocked my foot out, it would probably have sent me rolling down too. After recovering, I went back to a safe spot, and decided to drop all my gear there, and only take the camera and tripod.

30lbs lighter, I was able to make the climb much easier. I found a spot just wide enough to stand on, and got set up just as the colors in the clouds peaked. The ocean below was swirling and pounding, so I decided to go with big stopper, which also even out the clouds over head.
5D Mark III
24-105mm F4
Lee Graduated ND Filter
Lee 10 Stop Big Stopper



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