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Angry Sea

The day before, while shooting at the natural bridge formation of Samuel H Boardman State Park, I kept eyeing the natural bridge itself and want to at least walk down there and check out the scenery. Since we’re camping, schedule is easy to change. I decided to extend our stay one more day to see explorer the area further.

I didn’t know this at the time, but a huge arctic storm had pushed all the way down to California. The seas were really angry, and the waves were really crashing. At the time, I just thought, man! This wave action is awesome! Standing high above the cliff face, I was still getting sea sprays, and I would occasionally see foams flying by.

I varied my exposure to catch different moods. The first image used a 4 minute long exposure for an unreal, out of this world look. Second image was taken with a much shorter ½ second exposure to catch the texture of the stormy water.


Sea Stack and Foam

Chaos Of Sea Stack

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