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Walking In the Mist

I got to the trailhead after a morning rain storm. The forest was foggy, but I can see a tiny patch of blue sky behind the thick clouds. Just a few minutes after I hit the trail, the sun came out! What followed was 2 minutes of spectacular light show. I had just enough time to put the tripod down, slap the polarizer on the lens, and grab 3 shots. In all 3 shots, the light rays were different. Then as soon as you can say “beautiful”, the sun went away, and that was the last time I saw the sun that day.
A polarizer really helped with this shot. It was able to cut through some of the fog, and the LB Warming polarizer warmed up the scene. We’ll be coming back here one day, the light show here is just too cool.
5D Mark III
24-105mm F4
Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer


Rays of Sunshine

Misty Walk

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