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Aurora Hook



We saw an incredible northern light show while flying past Greenland. The auroras kept us entertained for over 2 hours while on the plane. It was incredible seeing the northern lights shining and moving BELOW us! After a show like that, our hopes of shooting the northern lights were naturally very high when we finally made our way to Lofoten, Norway. We were dead tired after traveling for almost 40 hours, but a quick check on the aurora activity, we were out the door again.


We headed over to Uttakleiv Beach first, since I know it’ll give me a chance to compose my shot facing north. The cloud cover was 100% when we got there, but I can see it moving fast with an eerie green glow from the aurora activities in the dark. We sat and waited, trying not to fall asleep. I can see holes in the clouds starting to develop to the south of me, but a big mountain was in the way so I can’t shoot in that direction. It then dawned on me that I can head back to Haukland Beach on the other side of the mountain, and maybe there will be clear skies.

After a quick drive, I parked at Haukland Beach and found perfect clear skies! There were a tiny bit of aurora activity going on, so I quickly grabbed my gear and try to find a composition. I came up to a river in the dark, and it was running straight into the northern lights activity. I got set up as quickly as possible and dialed in my settings.

For this shot, I used ISO 6400, F2.8 and did an 8-second exposure. I wanted to keep the shape of the aurora, so I used a relatively short exposure time. I figure it’s also a good high ISO test for the Canon 5D Mark IV (high ISO performance was pretty impressive!).

Aurora Hook
5D Mark IV
8 Seconds
ISO 6400

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